What Is A Web Vulnerability Scanner?

What Is A Web Vulnerability Scanner?
Nova Security Scanner for reference

A web vulnerability scanner is a tool that automates the entire process of finding security vulnerabilities in websites and other web services (like web APIs) and so on.

These security vulnerabilities often get abused by bad actors for financial or personal gains.

That is the reason why you should always make sure that the online services you offer are always safe and secure. You do not only help your clients and users stay secure but also protect your business from expensive costs (such as incident costs, privacy violations, etc.).

Which Web Vulnerability Scanner Should You Go For?

There are quite a few well-known solutions on the market but I just got the opportunity to mention our own solution: Nova Security Scanner.

It is a remarkable online web vulnerability scanner and integrates flawlessly into your developers operations team, your security team or your penetration testing agency!

  • It's cloud-based, no headaches when setting it up (because there's no setup)!
  • Fully Automated Web Vulnerability Scanner
  • Scheduled & Recurring Vulnerability Scans
  • Integrated Attack Surface Management Platform
  • PDF Exports
  • Jira/Github Issues Integration
  • Extensive REST API
  • There's just so much more to mention here

Book with us a quick demo and get the first 14 days for free to try it out and see how it fits your business!

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