Why Nova Security Web Vulnerability Scanner?

Why Nova Security Web Vulnerability Scanner?
Why Nova Security Web Vulnerability Scanner?

Why would you choose scanner XYZ over us? Good question.

In this article we'll go over why you should choose us above other existing scanners.

Experienced Web App Pentesters:

First of all, Nova Security Scanner was developed by small team of experienced web application penetration testers.

We've found several (high-severity) vulnerabilities in tech-companies like Apple, Pinterest, etc. All of us know our way in web apps.

We've automated our methodologies for doing proper reconnaissance & content discovery, finding vulnerabilities and validating them.

Most of us are also full-stack web developers which provides us that extra edge of advantage (it has helped us particularly find high-severity configuration issues often made by developers).

The result? A web vulnerability scanner that you can count on.


Secondly, our scanner is versatile. What this means for you:

  • You can deploy it anywhere (cloud or locally installed)
  • You can run schedule scans to run once or periodically
  • It's module-based (you can invoke each scanner separately as well)
  • You can configure scan speed (amount of workers deployed to run your vulnerability scan)
  • Extensive API (to use for exporting data or triggering scans)
  • And a lot more

False-Positive Free:

Most of our scanners are false-positive proof (like our Cross-Site Scripting & Open Redirect scanner). Meaning, if you get notified of a vulnerability, you can rest assured that it is in fact an existing vulnerability.

Looking for a way to reliably scan your websites?

Nova Security Scanner can help you with that.


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